Friday, August 15, 2008

First pics and footage of Akuma in Street Fighter IV

I'm going to Super soon to play more of it, but let's finally talk about Akuma in Street Fighter IV.

It was inevitable and now it is official that Akuma is in Street Fighter IV. For now, he seems to be the secret boss after defeating Seth and not yet confirmed to be playable yet, but likely he will be soon at least at Japan. Some speculate that Akuma can be unlocked as the last boss or even a playable character after a lot of playtime on a specific machine. Anyway, here's some footage of the last boss fight as Akuma gets owned by Abel and Ken (at least he did the Raging Demon, his Ultra, during the Ken fight).

If anything crazy develops over at Super for me, this post will be a combined post of Akuma and that.

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