Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I missed out while on vacation: Gaming

While I'm still going crazy with the official MvC2 announcement, I should of posted this yesterday oh well.

UFC 2009 Undisputed Demo - Good thing a demo for this game came out to get players used to the controls especially controlling the ground game with the right analog stick. It is about time a good UFC game came out with the sport being very popular now. The tempo is very Fight Night-ish in terms of being methodical and picking your spots to take out opposing fighters rather than mashing away with strikes praying you get a knockdown. The demo only has Shogun Rua and Chuck Lidell playable, but there's local multiplayer for two players to try it out. There's also a helpful tutorial in the demo to learn the controls especially when on the ground pounding away or going for submissions. I haven't grasped those controls yet, but eventually I will and use them to my advantage rather than winning by striking. The game is out next month and I'm now excited because I'm a UFC fan and seeing a good game out of this makes it better.

Street Fighter IV Championship Mode Patch - I messed around with this for a little bit as it is just another online mode for Street Fighter IV for players to play for bragging rights and more. Replays are also available in this mode only to look at matches learning what you did and what you need to improve if you lost. Anyway, I need to sharpen my skills again since the Arcade Infinity Ranbat 2.2 tournament is this Sunday and I should use a different character to try my luck.

Red Faction Guerrilla Demo - Quick one here as I played it once and it is another third person shooter with neat explosions and physics. Maybe I'm not a fan of these anymore due to the genre being unsaturated and I rather play an AAA one like Uncharted 2 (Multiplayer confirmed by the way).

I also bought PikelJunk Eden and its Encore expansion recently (Also finally) as it is another reason why I love downloadable games especially on PSN where quality > quantity compared to Xbox Live Arcade. So far, I barely started the game as I only played the first two gardens and not the new Encore content yet, but I can see why this game is pretty awesome right off the bat and picks it up later on. It's always nice to play some unique games once a while compared to your generic stuff you see at retail these days. (By the way, I almost bought Afrika and Aquanauts' Holiday to increase my random PS3 game taste at the Philippines, but decided not to). I look forward to play more Eden likely at a slow pace and hopefully have a review of it along with the Encore content soon.

Updating LittleBigPlanet and Noby Noby Boy - I just updated them and didn't mess around yet. Noby Noby Boy now has local multiplayer, so that's cool for such a trippy game.

That's it for now as I'm still excited for downloadable MvC2, but I might take a field trip to Arcade Infinity later this week to check out the arcade versions of BlazBlue and King of Fighters XII along maybe getting some practice in for the SF4 tournament, so look forward to impressions of those and the MvC2 Demo on PSN Thursday soon.

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