Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arcade Infinity's Ladies of SF4 Tourney Pre-Hype!!

This Saturday, I'll be at Arcade Infinity for pretty much the whole day not to compete at another Ranbat tournament, but to watch the Ladies of Street Fighter IV tournament featuring ladies from SoCal trained by the best of the area. Besides checking that out, I'll probably be there to play other games like KOF XII and BlazBlue again to hopefully get better (maybe), MvC2 for the hell of it, and the newer games AI has received recently like some Tetris game and the return of DJ Max Technika. Rather than let me talk more about hyping this up since I still support the SF4 scene here at SoCal, here's some interviews that Get Your Tournament did with the some of the girls that will be competing.

Oh, I might as well also bump some upcoming things Street Fighter IV related like the long awaited I Got Next documentary which air live on UFragTV on Friday and I have been thinking of doing some general ProTip guide for this game if you want to step up to the next level than just playing it for kicks. Of course, you can check other sites like and SRK for more in-depth strategy, but I might as well give my own two cents on how to become a slightly better player especially with Evo next month for those who don't know what to expect. Then again, I'm just gathering things from what I know myself and other top players to condense into one megapost, so expect that tomorrow.

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