Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clips of E3 '09 (Part 2)

Damn, I wish I can go this year... Gotta know some connections.

Arguably the trailer of the show is for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the "KOTOR" MMORPG by BioWare. Even though this is just a cinematic clip that showcases none of the actual game, Star Wars fans are going crazy over what transpired in this Jedi/Sith battle. None of the movies never had that many Jedis and Siths in one building tearing each other apart. This game is only coming for the PC for now sometime soon.

A new Castlevania game was announced at the Konami press conference today called Lords of Shadow for the PS3 and 360. The crazy thing about this one is that Kojima Productions is involved in the development for the game and not the franchise mastermind, Iga. Other than that, it looks somewhat like a Devil May Cry inspired game (like that has been done before for the Castlevania franchise) to me.

I have said before that I am pretty much done with the "plastic instrument" genre, but I am awesomely sold on DJ Hero now to the point that I will buy this thing this fall. No official word on pricing yet, but count on it being 100 bucks like the Guitar Hero w/ Guitar bundles. Here's some gameplay on Expert difficulty from the show floor itself. The songs shown are "Boom Boom Pow vs. Satisfaction" by Black Eyed Peas and Benny Benassi (above clip) and "Hollaback Girl vs. Give It to Me" by Gwen Stefani and Rick James (below clip). Screw Guitar Hero IV and Rock Band this fall, DJ Hero is where it is at now for me as my rhythm game for the fall. Looks like I will be DJing some parties soon if I get good at this. (Lol)

That's it for now... More clips of E3 throughout the rest of the week even though I pretty much posted the big ones out of the show already.

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