Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sony E3 '09 Press Conference Liveblog

So Nintendo already their presser today announcing games both for the casuals, the hardcore, and the fanboys, but now its Sony's turn to go crazy. Expect lots of PS3 stuff and a big focus on the new PSP Go. Anyway, we'll do this liveblog style with video up when it shows up online later today.

10:57 am - Should be starting soon, maybe a slight delay for people to show up.

11:02 am - Switching to the G4 feed (Looks like 1up won't be streaming according to David Ellis's Twitter).

11:10 am - Its starting. Expect this one to be the longest of the three big conferences having the traditional touches of a presser (data charts, big announcements, and speeches).

11:13 am - Alright Jack Tretton... Let's do this. (They're at the Shrine). Don't worry this dude knows how to speak. Oh yeah, there's pressure being the last of the three... Better end with a bang.

11:16 am - Starting off with the PS2 talk... Its still 100 bucks people.

11:19 am - Stats talk... The usual stuff about success.

11:19 am - Yes, Jack, I have been playing inFAMOUS and its awesome!!!

11:20 am - Oh yeah, the Uncharted 2 MP Beta starts tonight... Demostration of the game to follow now. Campaign footage = Yes!!!

11:23 am - Now this is intense stuff... Uncharted 2 delivers!!! Nathan Drake feels like a live character... Yes one of the better looking games out and only on PS3.

11:26 am - MAG up next... This is by Zipper, the folks that brought u the first 3 SOCOM games. Yes, folks 256 players max online.

11:27 am - Oh man, feels like an old-school E3 crowd at this conference.

11:30 am - Yeah its 30 frames per second for a reason... to handle 256 players at once (One of many reasons I guess).

11:32 am - PSP time... PSP Go time soon?

11:34 am - Hannah Montana PSP = Yes!!!

11:35 am - "Krazy" Kaz Hirai time... Ridge Racer!!!

11:36 am - Yeah its PSP Go time!!! (Cue the montage... Worst kept secret of E3 indeed!!)

11:37 am - That thing is pretty stylish than the old PSP.

11:38 am - Media Go announced... A simpler way to navigate the PS Store on PC and PSP. Sense Me also announced for PSP only (Sounds like iTunes Genius for the PSP).

11:41 am - PSP Go out on October 1st for 250 bucks. (Encore of the PS3 price crisis?)

11:43 am - Finally Kaz of Polyphony is here to confirm Gran Turismo PSP. (Finally indeed!!)

11:45 am - Except it is "technically" not being shown now... It works on the PSP Go at least, but Kaz is just talking about the game's features.

11:47 am - This is almost an encore of James Cameron talking about Avatar last night at the Ubisoft presser.

11:50 am - At least a trailer showed up... out with the PSP Go launch. Then again, no GT5 = Boo!!!

11:50 am - Metal Gear?? Oh its Kojima again!!! New MGS game called Peace Walker out for PSP. Story being detailed (10 years after MGS3).

11:57 am - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker trailer is awesome!! Kojima trailers always deliver the goods and the lulz... (4 Snakes?). This is out next year.

11:59 am - Capcom secret game #2 is Resident Evil PSP, out next year too.

12:00 pm - PSP game montage now playing (featuring LBP, Jak, Monster Hunter, and more).

12:04 pm - PSN time = Yay!

12:05 pm - FF7 out on the PS Store soon like tonight!!!

12:06 pm - Home talk... I guess it is successful so far. (Montage now playing... People are using this really?)

12:09 pm - PS3 montage now (More montages...)

12:14 pm - Rockstar exclusive coming to PS3 called Agent.

12:15 pm - Assassins Creed 2 demo time. This is not from the Ubi conference last night.

12:18 pm - He can fly?

12:20 pm - Two man stealth kill was nuts. (PSP and PS3 connection confirmed with new weapons)

12:22 pm - New FFXIII trailer with English VO (out Spring 2010).

12:26 pm - Final Fantasy XIV? Already?? I think its MMO, which it is (Also PS3 exclusive). The second coming of FFXI? Looks that way.

12:29 pm - Sony entering the motion control business... Oh its "The Wand"

12:31 pm - Its being demoed now... Playstation Eye required for this to work. Oh a jab at Project Natal!!!

12:32 pm - This is getting nuts.. The crowd sure loves this tech demo of this "Wand."

12:37 pm - Is the gaming world really ready for motion control to take over?

12:39 pm - Sony Archery demo > Nintendo Archery demo.

12:41 pm - LittleBigPlanet talk... Disney costumes out this fall as DLC.

12:42 pm - ModNation Racers being shown now (A new game in the "Play, Create, Share" genre that LBP started).

12:43 pm - This looks like a mix of LBP and Mario Kart. Potentially could be awesome.

12:45 pm - Okay, this is awesome...  Track editor, Character customization, Fun gameplay. Definitely a mashup of LBP and Mario Kart.

12:50 pm - Wow, making a track in ModNation Racers looks so easier than making a level in LBP. I'm impressed.

12:51 pm - ModNation Racers is out next year.

12:52 pm - Alright, project Trico time aka The Last Guardian.

12:57 pm - Last Guardian looks good... Oh now its GT5 time!! (Where's the car damage Kaz? Then again, support for WRC and NASCAR is cool stuff).

12:59 pm - God of War III to end the show with a bang!!

1:07 pm - Gosh damn... GOW III will own your soul (Man, I love this!!!)

1:08 pm - Conference over (GOW III will be out on March 2010).

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