Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nintendo E3 '09 Press Conference Liveblog

So today begins E3 proper as the other two major press conferences, which are Nintendo and Sony, should be starting in a few minutes. After Microsoft drawing first blood with a bang, the big N and Sony better step up their game to make a good impression at E3. The liveblog will be all in text, but video will be up as soon as it shows up on various sites. Too bad the G4 I'm running is on West Coast time so the press conferences are actually airing later than the live (lucky East Coast peeps) showing. After these conferences, the show truly begins as I will clips of E3 posts throughout the week.

Note: Refresh this post at will to keep updated on this or read other's opinions at the major gaming sites if you're tired of me already.

9:05 am - Cammie Dumway starts us off... Where's Reggie?

9:08 am - New Super Mario Bros. Wii!!!!!

9:10 am - This looks like the Zelda Four Swords Adventures, but with Mario now = Neat!!!

9:11 am - Oh if u want to watch this: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3174515

9:13 am - New Super Mario Bros. Wii out this holiday... Buying!!!!

9:14 am - Oh Wii Fit... That was such a mistake lol. Oh its Wii Fit Plus!!!

9:16 am - Hmmmm... I wonder how Nintendo is selling Wii Fit Plus (Disc only and bundle with Balance Board if u skipped the first game = Oh Cammie just said of all this).

9:17 am - Reggie time!!!!

9:19 am - Reintroducing the Wii Motion Plus...

9:21 am - Motion Plus commercial - I'm getting tired of these already. Never mind, this is all for Wii Sports Resort, coming out next month.

9:24 am - A skydiving Mii Parade on Wii Sports Resort??

9:26 am - Archery being demoed with Motion Plus (Was it like this with Zelda TP?)

9:27 am - Oh Reggie and your smack talk!!!

9:29 am - 3 point contest on Wii Sports Resort being shown now. Lol Reggie wins.

9:30 am - Wii Sports Resort out on July 26th. Reggie also announcing other games with Motion Plus support (Tiger, Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis 2009, Red Steel 2).

9:33 am - Reggie talking RPGs now... Squenix showing more FF Crystal Bearers and finally Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days out on September for DS (cue the Utada theme song!!!)

9:35 am - Mario & Luigi IV: Bowser's Inside Story now being shown for DS (out this fall).

9:37 am - Golden Sun DS!!!! Finally...

9:39 am - Women's Murder Club announced... Whatever.

9:41 am - C.O.P.: The Recruit being shown - Another new DS game.

9:42 am - More DS games for the ladies...

9:43 am - DSi montage... Yay let's brag more about its success. (Sales numbers!!!)

9:46 am - Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again with a level editor and sharing... out this Monday on DSiWare (Finally something good again).

9:48 am - Flip Note Studio, Wario Ware D.I.Y. also coming to DSi this summer.

9:49 am - Sharing DSi photos on Facebook = Lol!!!!

9:50 am - Zelda: Spirit Tracks playable at the show floor (No new trailer??)

9:51 am - Iwata time!!! Bring the goods!!!

9:58 am - Wii Vitality Sensor?? Some pulse monitor thingy... I don't know Iwata.

10:03 am - Super Mario Galaxy 2!!!!! OMFG!!!! Game of the Forever!!!!

10:05 am - Wow this conference is not over yet... The Conduit being shown (The Wii's "Halo" out later this month). Resident Evil Darkside Chronciles also being shown.

10:07 am - Dead Space Extraction also being shown too. These three headline Nintendo's "hardcore" third-party efforts... Oh the sound is getting a little fuzzy.

10:09 am - Team Ninja on my Wii??

10:11 am - Holy **** a Team Ninja Metroid game called Metroid: Other M (out next year). Wow Nintendo, I didn't expect this.

10:12 am - Conference over... Wow Nintendo definitely surprised me today with their hardcore efforts. Where's Miyamoto?

10:20 am - Oh... Sony presser will be in 40 minutes. A new blog post will be up by then and we'll do this again.

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