Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The latest on my YouTube channel for this week...

This could be a new feature I'll do here and it is somewhat a return of YouTube surfing from my old GameSpot blog, so I'll bring in the best of my YouTube channel every week even though I don't upload stuff of my own (Yeah, like that will happen).

We start off with a spinoff of the Tiger Woods game commercial where last year, Tiger actually pulled off the "Jesus Shot" for real, which is an infamous glitch in previous games. With Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 out, it looks like Rocco Mediate wants to take a stab of what Tiger did last year and attempts the shot on his own. Let's just say that things went differently for him.

Guitar Hero Smash Hits came out last week and even though it is more milking of the franchise by Activision, the game has been completely FCed by GuitarHeroPhenom and his last FC was the infamous GH3 classic, Dragonforce's "Through the Fire & Flames." We all know how impossibly hard this song is on Expert for the normal GH/RB player like me (well, used to be me), but just watch the amazing above. Actually, GH Smash Hits is worth it for like a third of the songs especially from Guitar Hero I, II, and 80s with a full band, but just wait for Guitar Hero 5 for the next real game if you're still interested in the franchise despite Activision's milking ways. I learned this the hard way basically, but I still support it however.

On the music end (even though u can check out that on the right side of this blog), I might as well bump my "guilty pleasure" song which is "Patron Tequila" by the Paradiso Girls. Yeah, the comparisons to Pussycat Dolls are there and it seems just like another one hit wonder, but it is hella catchy and I'm fan of the beat too. I still don't know why I like this song...

This just went up as I'm posting this as it is a new episode of The Dogface Show featuring SoCal SF4 players Kai and somuchdamage. If u follow Street Fighter IV seriously here at SoCal, Kai is a well known El Fuerte player and still thinks he's the worst character in the game (lol) and somuchdamage is a Sagat player who plays old school style firing Tiger Shots at will and gets the job done not being flashy. Kai puts out the challenge of money matching all the big names of East Coast at this year's Evo and could be interesting to see if Kai can pull this off especially with El Fuerte.

That's it for this week... I might post something about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen since I'm watching it tomorrow morning.

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