Monday, June 29, 2009

A Quick Hands-On with DJ Max Technika...

Other than the Ladies of Street Fighter IV tournament happening that awesome Saturday, I decided to take a shot of the return of DJ Max Technika in Arcade Infinity. This game costs a dollar to play and six dollars for a card tracking your data. DJ Max Technika is a rhythm game that uses two screens (one on top for display and the bottom for gameplay like playing a Nintendo DS) as you use your fingers to touch the screen along to the beat. Yeah, it is Japanese-based in terms of what music is being offered for the anime crowd, but its not bad if you're into that type of music. My experience with this game playing for the first time was trying to get used to the speed as I underestimated how fast it can go and as a result I failed the song. It is still fun to play and hopefully get better as I play it more if I get the chance to go to AI more frequently. This definitely feels like you're playing a Nintendo DS game, but at an arcade which is cool in some way. Definitely an unique arcade game worth checking out if you see it around.

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