Thursday, July 2, 2009

The latest on my YouTube channel for 7/2/09

The highly anticipated video for Drake's "Best I Ever Had" came out last night as the hate for it on Twitter is staggering. I'm sort of on agreement with the majority that the video could have been better considering the song, but one person on Twitter pretty much said this right: "Drake made the song for the ladies and the video for the guys." I still think Kanye didn't want to make just another typical R&B-like video trying to be original as he always tries to be, but then again maybe this video as a whole is sarcastic. Who knows...

Last weekend's episode of Top Gear was pretty awesome with the new Lambo Murcielago at the desert and the epic drag race between the Bugatti Veyron and the McLaren F1 (shown above). Why is this show so good as I just started this recently. I'm not much of a car nut, but this show seems so brillantly put together with the cinematography and all those camera angles besides the cars and the personalities.

Here's a Street Fighter IV match at Arcade Infinity Ranbat 2.4 last month with Kai's El Fuerte and Keno's Balrog. Pretty epic match in terms of comebacks and the whole clock being used. Gootecks and Sanchez provided commentary as they mention randomness like Fuerte's crappy English voice on the console version to a 12-minute wedding Gootecks attended. Hopefully more LoSF footage gets uploaded soon, so I can add it to my epic blog post about that epic day.

Speaking of Kai, here's him along with Paul (somuchdamage) on Part 2 of their episode on the Dogface Show. He discusses his hate for Street Fighter IV in which I understand why he hates it in terms of how random the game can be and the fact you can get away with many things compared to 3rd Strike. He also talks about his story of a coyote exploding at the Arizona desert, which is funny.

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