Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Events I Wish I Can Go, But Won't...

While I was rocking my Street Fighter IV Comic-Con 08 T-Shirt at the Ladies of SF4 tournament, I was asked by various folks that recognized the shirt wandering if I'm going to this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Unfortunately, I'm not and I have been going there for the past four years already. The tickets have been sold out for a while, but it is best not to go to the crazy opus or I should say "Nerd Prom" (whatever). The convention itself has been getting bigger and bigger of all the times I went there, but I don't think I could handle it anymore. As much as I love Comic-Con, it has gone way mainstream as it is more than just your convention and more of a spectacle. Plus, that weekend if things come through, I'll have other plans in mind anyway.

I also don't see myself going to Evo next weekend at Vegas either. As much I as want to go to Evo at the Rio this year because it will be the biggest one yet and I never been there to see the HYPE in person, it is not going to happen. Even the SoCal SF4 community is asking me if I'm going to Evo, I respond with I wish I can go. In case you don't know what Evo aka the Evolution Championships are, it is the biggest fighting game tournament here in the United States where all the big boys from all over the country to come and try to make a name for themselves in the community winning the grand daddy of them all. Besides being the big tournament, it is at Vegas again and more good times will ensue throughout, but hopefully no drama will go off. I can't even the imagine the numbers for Street Fighter IV alone of those entering and there's other games going on as well like Marvel, 3rd Strike, Tekken 6, and SSF2T HD Remix. Yeah I hope the people I know especially here at SoCal have an awesome time and represent at Evo.

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