Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So the reasoning between "Soundtracks to SF4..."

If u have been paying attention to my Twitter in the past week, I have been busting out a new feature unoriginally called Soundtracks to SF4. Basically, as much as I love Street Fighter IV's music, it does get tiring after a while especially if the same stages keep getting selected. Even though it is pretty much my version of custom soundtracks, its better to hear some actual music once in a while. So I have been busting out all spectrums of music, from N'Sync, Jeremih, Maxwell, LMFAO, and more. Might as well multitask especially with the grind that is Street Fighter IV's Championship Mode on G2. I'm currently at G2-B with 7800 something GP now and G2 is slowly becoming G1 in terms of skill level, which is starting to get frustrating if you're expecting better competition. Turns out it is the same old deal as I hope G1 feels somewhat elite compared to the rest, but then again, I could be wrong. Maybe playing Street Fighter IV online is a mistake after all as Shoo told me against random players, but at least I should play more player matches against SoCal's best especially last night against Keno, which was fun times. Speaking of Keno, here's him in action above in the AI Ranbat 2.4 Grand Finals against Viscant's Zangief as his girlfriend Teresa provides commentary (lol!!!).

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