Monday, July 13, 2009

My Ultimate Rock Band Setlist (Take 2)...

UPDATE - This post is now updated with changes to the setlist and links to all of them in action on Rock Band.

I was watching a stream last weekend of someone playing Rock Band 2 and a setlist of what he considers the 84 best Rock Band songs to play. This me want to play the game again and buy it again (wait for Rock Band 3). So yesterday, I put together my own setlist of 84 songs I would rock to in Rock Band. Considering my tastes of rock music, it does has the hits for sure along with some underground stuff. Here it is (84 different artists - I didn't want repeats, so it was a little hard picking a definitive song to represent in this list):
Keep in mind this list would likely change over time as more songs come out. When I feel like it, I'll post links to all these songs. Now I'm tempted to play Rock Band again...

UPDATE 2 - I posted this a bit ago on my Twitter which is a taste of what's to come for Rock Band Network with "Uprising" by Muse as an example.

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