Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Hyped for West Coast Warzone...

I'm been back in the lab lately playing Street Fighter IV to get ready for SoCal's biggest tournament, aka West Coast Warzone hosted by John "Teppelin" Rog, happening this September 4-6 (Labor Day Weekend) in the Irvine Hilton. The SoCal SF4 ambassador himself Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez shows off the hotel itself in the promo video above, which is making me consider getting a room for the weekend even though I rather just drive back and forth from my home. Then again, this tournament will be in the late hours and yeah things are bound to happen for sure that is too HYPE. All of SoCal's biggest names in Street Fighter IV will be there as well as other games for tournaments such as BlazBlue and King of Fighters XII (Not sure about entering that too). I think I rather save up some money for this huge event in the SoCal SF scene. So if you're free those days, go ahead and check out West Coast Warzone to witness all the madness (Pool party also on September 4 = lol). Oh I should sign up for this thing soon too.

Here's the website for more details about the epic weekend... and also another promo featuring Gootecks just sitting in the car letting the ladies do the talking (lol).

UPDATE - Almost forgot... Anyone got a 360 arcade stick I can borrow for that weekend? If so, let me know as soon as possible. Don't worry I won't break it.

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