Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me playing Street Fighter IV on the tubes...

So apparently, I found this random online match on YouTube of me in action. For once on the tubes, I won (Yay!). Of course my matches are not the greatest in terms of having the perfect execution since I usually drop combos most of the time or I couldn't punish when I had the chance.

Today was a different story with a friendly session of matches against one of the best SoCal players around, which is Dae. Even though I didn't beat him at all today, some matches were indeed close as I had some opportunities, but couldn't clutch it out. Dae is arguably the best Chun-Li player I know in SoCal and this was also the first time I played him, so it took time to figure some things out, but usually you gotta quick with adjustments against your opponents, which is the case here. If u see me in action in these clips, you will notice that I use Bison in a certain style and I roll with it throughout (maybe I rely on some moves too much) because not playing your game just makes you feel a little uncomfortable. So check out the footage of me getting owned by Dae down below and see how beast his Chun-Li is (Also I will do dumb stuff like random ultras as seen out of desperation).


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