Monday, September 28, 2009

So... Super Street Fighter IV (Get HYPE??)

So today's news in Super Street Fighter IV (looks to be the official title now for this expansion) is the reveal of a new character, Juri, and a return of another one with T. Hawk. Not a lot of details about Juri have been revealed yet, but hopefully she's an interesting character to play as. The logo seems official and the latest pics also reveal the fact there will be two ultras and one super for each character, which will change up the game a bit with the different meters. Even though T. Hawk is not really a fan favorite compared to most characters in the franchise, it will be interesting to see how he fits in the SF4 style gameplay. Hopefully he plays like he does HD Remix with easier command inputs for his special moves, but I don't see that happening. For now, I can see him being mid-low tier, but scary and annoying if played with the right hands.

Capcom will make the official reveal of this news maybe tonight or tomorrow as they'll slowly reveal more about Super SF4 (with these two officially in being true, it seems likely that the other rumored characters and changes are true as well). I don't see myself playing the current SF4 seriously now and for the coming months because of school and the big fall lineup of hot games, but I'll still hang around the scene to support it like Bar Fights II on October 11th and so on. In the meantime, anyone hyped for Super Street Fighter IV yet?

UPDATE - (Found this at the Super SF4 Shoryuken forums) New scans (Famitsu I think) have new info and pics for Super SF4 featuring Juri (one of her ultras have a time limit = huh?), T. Hawk showing off his ultra and super (looks to be 720 motion or double half circle motion?), and now officially confirmed Dee Jay (Yay!!!!). The Jamaican also makes his return and hopefully an awesome character to play as (one of the pics has him doing a huge Max Out fireball (EX perhaps?). Dee Jay is also keep his same special moves and perhaps new tricks once he has a Focus Attack. I'm trying to imagine the possibilities now how good Dee Jay could be (hopefully as good as in Super Turbo). Oh man, getting more hyped for Super SF4 now = A happy man.

UPDATE 2 - GameSpot interview with Ono confirming Super Street Fighter IV!!!! Also GameSpot has the first preview on the game as well with some more details.

UPDATE 3 - The debut trailer is above now. Check SRK for the magazine scans on Juri, T. Hawk, and Dee Jay.

UPDATE 4 - New gameplay footage of Juri and T. Hawk (T. Hawk throw ultra can do ridiculous damage pending on your stamina like Juri's and Juri is a very flashy character to mess with too.

UPDATE 5 - The newest trailer (now in direct feed instead of from some Capcom conference) featuring Juri, T. Hawk, and Dee Jay (Yes!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!)

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