Thursday, October 1, 2009

PSN Demo Showcase for 10/1/09 aka The "Brutal Legend" Edition...

So I finally was able to try out the demo for Brutal Legend, the highly anticipated game by Double Fine (headed by the awesomeness that is Tim Schaefer) starring Jack Black. This demo has been out for a couple weeks already if you already pre-ordered the game, but it is now out available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network. In case you don't know, Double Fine has made some amazing games like Grim Fandango and Psychonauts, but Brutal Legend could be their coming out party they always wanted with EA publishing, Jack Black starring as Eddie Riggs, and all that heavy metal it will offer. The demo is pretty much the beginning of the game where how Eddie is randomly in a different world filled with demons and such to gain his battle axe and guitar to take out enemies. The combat is pretty simple, which is the norm of third-person action games being mostly a hack-and-slash type of deal, but the game is more than that with vehicle sections, using the guitar, controlling minions (not featured in the demo, but also in multiplayer), and Double Fine's signature humor all rolled up in an open world. I did enjoy what the demo offers, which is a good taste of what's to come in the final game and I'm sure fans of Double Fine's previous games will love it right away, but we'll see if Jack Black's voice acting will eventually become hit and miss. However, if will enjoy heavy metal in a different way than Rock Band and Guitar Hero, then give Brutal Legend a shot. Since this is out the same day as Uncharted 2, I don't see myself playing this anytime soon, but if you're in the fence about Brutal Legend, try the demo to see if it's your cup of tea.

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