Sunday, November 29, 2009

Even more Vegas shenanigans aka why did I watch New Moon???

My Thanksgiving weekend so far for me has been a return trip to my "second home" Las Vegas. This trip however was one of the longer trips I have been on being there for three nights, so it is like I seen everything there. From eating a Pink's hot dog at Planet Hollywood, staring at the new City Center that opens in the coming weeks, shopping to take advantage of some deals around the area (not on Black Friday though), and gambling being a pure fail, that is some of the things I did at Vegas, but that's only the beginning.

After eating Thanksgiving dinner at Table 10 in the Palazzo where I actually had turkey, the "adventure" kind of began with watching Twilight Saga: New Moon alone at the United Artists theatre by GameWorks. Now if case you are wandering why the hell would I watch it, I did watch the first one during my plane trip to the Philippines earlier this year and it was okay being curious about what is the big deal with this popular franchise. New Moon, on the other hand, was one of the most hilarious movies I have seen in a bad way. The acting by the three main stars is just flat out horrible most of the time with their cheesy dialogue trying to express love. Those lines made me quietly giggle throughout the movie even though there weren't a lot of people watching. As the movie went on, I was like... damn Edward is such a jerk. Then later on, damn Jacob is a jerk. No wonder Bella has to choose sides and why Team Edward / Team Jacob is such a big deal. The slowmo action also was hella cheesy and expected since that happened in the first movie too. I don't know, vampires that sparkle = Ehh. Good thing I was drinking a Monster energy drink to keep me sane.

Then it was time for Jet later that night which was okay. The most random moment for me there was hearing the Cartman Remix of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" twice there, which made me laugh. Personally that remix does not deserve to be played at nightclubs because it taints the remix in every way as it was originally meant to be something else. Other than having a beer and a decent sized crowd in the main room, Jet on Thursday night was whatever, but going there for four times already, I'm noticing trends in terms of music being played that seem like why are they playing it such as a "Wonderwall" mix or even a song mixed with "Smells Like Teen Spirit." At least they were playing some of the hits especially "Stanky Leg" in which you just gotta do the move every time you hear that. The next night, however, is a different story over at XS. My time there was better (better song selection as my favorites of the moment were being played, a great turnout of people to the point it got crowded, better ladies, and more random stuff). Some of the random things I saw range from a midget sighting at the one of the reserved tables as if he's having a blast, one dude before the dance floor filled up was dancing alone to the point I was like I should dance battle him, but I was like never mind and let him be. Other than that, I was at XS enjoying life and the surrounding environment even though my legs are so worked after four hours there (They still feel like that right now). Music moment of that night has to be this song when it played... truly awesome.

That's it for more Vegas shenanigans for now. Being at Jet and XS as an one man army again goes to show how much I miss my friends and I wished they were there as well, but there is always a later time for more of that since that Summer trip was the best Vegas trip I went to that was filled with good and random memories. Then again, living life as a G never stops whether alone or with others and the party, or I should say life, goes on.

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