Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Hyped for New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Part 2 or ???)

While everyone is still talking about how amazing Modern Warfare 2 is, which I admit that it is, my hype is still at a fever pitch for New Super Mario Bros. Wii when it officially comes out this Sunday, unless you have it early as always. Here's some Super Skills videos to enjoy demonstrating the full potential of craziness this new and awesome 2D Mario game will provide for both single and multiplayer. Especially check out the video of 1-3 below, where it takes full precision to pull something off like that, which is truly amazing. Also, this game comes in a special red case, which I think it is the first Wii game with a non-white case, but Nintendo usually does things like that for their big games (remember the gold cartridges for the N64 Zelda games and the yellow one for Donkey Kong 64). Can Sunday come already?? I hope I can review this before Thanksgiving, but we'll see how busy I'll get in the coming days, but I do need some multiplayer buddies one day to mess around with it, so yeah.

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