Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Music Roundup for 11/10/09

Oh the music roundup is back... yay??? New releases for the holiday season are starting to ramp up again, so why not talk about them as well as what in the world is up with westernized rhythm gaming lately.

I just want to put this up as soon as I saw it because once again, Lady Gaga (love or hate her...) brings the crazy yet again with her new video for "Bad Romance". Only certain music artists can pull off crazy music videos these days as Gaga is like the only one doing them now, which it seems so refreshing to see craziness with mainstream pop music videos as compared to your generic video because it is a party/club jam you would dance to. Yes. I'm willing to put this up, so if haters are gonna hate, go ahead.

I'm also listening to 50 Cent's new album, Before I Self Destruct, today and after three full listens, its safe to say that this album is a solid one if u like 50's stuff. Its mostly the gangsta rap you expect out of him for the duration of the album until he goes soft and poppy at the end with such songs as "Baby by Me" with Ne-Yo, which is a dope song. Good thing 50 started up with that song as the first single because I can't really tell which other songs are single worthy and considering this album took a while to come out after long delays. Some songs were probably left out for his Blood on the Sand game. Of course, 50 is not afraid to take jabs at his competition, which is again the case in this new one.

Also music related but also related to games, No Doubt is suing Activision for how their digital likeness was used in Band Hero since you can play as Gwen Stefani in non No-Doubt songs as an example. This video exploits it like crazy seeing Gwen sing other songs in the game that seems very random (Hillary Duff, Janet, Taylor Swift, and Spice Girls as examples) as well as Adam Levine too. As I mentioned earlier, I would totally buy Band Hero for the lulz it will provide for myself and parties with family/friends.

On the Rock Band front, there's the Lego Rock Band export, in which I must say that Band Hero is better than that in terms of the soundtrack because there are more songs I would play in that game than Lego RB even though it seems like I'm supporting the Activision evil empire rather than the awesomeness Harmonix always brings (They are indeed taking their sweet time with Rock Band 3 as if they are rebooting the genre setting the standard again). My pick for this week's song is "Icky Thump" by The White Stripes because that song is just crazy with the weird solo sounds. Sgt. Pepper is out on The Beatles: Rock Band next week and who knows what else RB2 has next week.

That's it for the music roundup this week. Expect more music-related business on this blog of mine in the coming weeks with thoughts on more of the season's big releases with new albums from Rihanna, Jay Sean, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, and more. In addition, there will be more about the DLC releases for the Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and DJ Hero franchises (David Guetta pack with that "Sexy Chick" song is out on Thanksgiving week). Lips is getting a Lady Gaga pack for Thanksgiving weekend as well (Yes!!!) with "Poker Face," "Lovegame," and another song I forgot. Next month, there might be a megapost to end the year with my top 100 songs for 2009 as it will depend whether I feel like doing it.

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