Monday, November 30, 2009

Music Roundup for 11/30/09 aka "The Jay Sean Edition"

This music roundup is all about one of my new favorite artists of the year (while not really new, but new here at the States), Jay Sean. His U.S. debut album, All or Nothing, came out last week and I have been enjoying it a lot. Of course, it has the current smash hit "Down" with Lil' Wayne as I would sing that song like crazy on the car (no joke) as well as his current single that has a video out in the coming days, "Do You Remember" (the video is now up above) with Sean Paul and the crunk master himself Lil' Jon. The album starts off with a bang with "Do You," one of my favorites and "Fire" setting the tone up high with the bangers. Then it is the hit songs I mentioned earlier and then slows it down with "Ride It" (one of a handful songs reappearing in this album from his last UK release, My Own Way), which is my favorite song from both albums. The tempo goes back up again with "Love Like This" and "If I Ain't Got You," but slows back down with "War" and "Cry." Actually the only slow tempo song I like from his new album (if its considered slow tempo) is "Stay," another reappearance from his previous album. The bonus tracks are remixes of "Down" with a piano version as well as a techno version remixed by Jason Nevins, known for his awesome remix of N.E.R.D's Rock Star. All or Nothing is a great album for Jay Sean to start with here at the States and I hope he is not an one hit wonder either, but with Cash Money backing him up and a number one radio hit, he will be around for a while.

Before his new album came out however, I decided to blast My Own Way to figure out what to expect from him from the States and it is actually another solid album too with "Tonight," "Maybe" (video below), and "Stuck in the Middle" (also in the new one). It is also filled with hits that radio would play at a constant rate if he was popular in the States before "Down." The deluxe edition also has remixes of some of the singles, but they are not that different from the original songs. As an introduction to him, I enjoyed the album and I wonder why no one here at the States didn't pick him up then till Cash Money did.

That's it for the music roundup for now. As I mentioned in my last post, expect my top 10 albums and 100 songs of the year posts sometime next month. Out of the new male R&B artists that entered the U.S. gate this year, I think Jay Sean will have the most success out of them, but that's probably a given if you got Lil' Wayne, Birdman, and Drake on the same record label. In the meantime, I think the sky might be falling down now.

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