Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rock Band gets all Gaga...

I mentioned this last week, but the Lady Gaga DLC for Rock Band is now out on the Xbox Live Marketplace and Thursday on Playstation Network. After seeing them in action, I'm surprised of the transition to the game as they are surely fun. Of course, they're not hard at all as expected, but it is going to attract lots of sales and it actually is so far, which is good. Goes to show it has to take the music artist everyone is talking about to make a game like Rock Band successful again for the mainstream audience. Especially with the music genre still slowly declining, this is like the smartest thing to do to get everyone back again. I gotta give MTV and Harmonix props for having the balls to release this even though its shies away from the normal audience of Rock Band players that are like "HEAVY METAL!!!!! IT ROCKS!!!" It is surely a vocal paradise for those that love to sing, but this is Lady Gaga, everyone is going to do it now. Especially for those that don't like what most of the Rock Band DLC offers, this is up their alley. Some would even claim that it is the "DLC of the forever" which is funny, but this is still amazing that this happened. At least there's the South Park version of "Poker Face" for the guys as well as if normal Gaga is enough. I still need to play this for myself eventually and maybe even UStream it for kicks at some party in mind, so we'll see.

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