Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video of the Day... aka Sony's Kevin Butler is awesome.

Today's video is another amazing Sony commercial starring everyone's favorite VP these days, Kevin Butler. This time he hypes up the Playstation Move, aka the PS3's upcoming motion controller, as well as taking shots at Nintendo's Wii and the Xbox 360's Project Natal motion techniques because it is true, you would waggle like crazy in Wii Boxing if you don't care and who cares about a big red ball (for Natal). The war for motion controller supremacy in the console world rages on, but let's just say Sony is willing to call out their opponents in a funny manner compared to Nintendo and Microsoft. Still though, we'll see if Sony can back up their promises for Playstation Move when it comes out later this year. I'll probably get it for myself anyway to see what the big deal and difference it has compared to the competition.

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