Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harmonix goes from Rocking to Dancing... Why Dance Central Makes Kinect Hella Good

Harmonix not only has Rock Band 3 out this fall, but they have their Kinect launch game, Dance Central, out as well. Even though Rock Band 3 is already looking impressive getting closer to the real deal with rocking out by the various instruments, Harmonix steps to the world of dancing now that the Kinect technology enables such full body control. I have a feeling Dance Central could be rhythm game of this year's E3 because it actually works making the Kinect on 360 look good. From Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" to "Hella Good" by No Doubt, and more, the soundtrack should be pretty good to dance to as Harmonix would like to get actual choreography from the music videos of these songs. If you see the clip above, fist pumping to Gaga is not that accurate yet to how her music video went, but its a start to show off to attendees. I do believe Harmonix knows what's up as they have a good track record of setting the bar for rhyhtm games of various styles. Other than Child of Eden, I would buy a Kinect for Dance Central as it is out the same time Kinect comes out on November 4. Then again, you rather do this for real I guess at the clubs (If I was of any indication).
UPDATED with an awesome interview by Giant Bomb!

Oh yeah, it would not be a blog post about Dance Central without this clip!

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