Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is how to promote a hip hop karaoke game...

Even though Activision had that expensive E3 party earlier this week with marquee acts like Eminem, it is only right if you promote a hip-hop themed game by getting acts that know what's up with games. That is the case with Method Man and Redman performing a melody of their hits over the years at the show floor promoting Konami's Def Jam Rapstar. Since they are featured in the game with "Da Rockwilder," it is only fitting they were there to make the game relevant to attendees there. As for the game itself, I might write something about that later, but there is deep competition this fall in the genre with this, DJ Hero 2, Rock Band 3, and Dance Central. I'm pretty sure there will be something for someone for which music they like to play to.

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