Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception... Truly "The Movie of the Forever"

I just wanted to share some quick thoughts about arguably my new "Movie of the Forever" as NeoGAF loves to claim, which is Inception. Watching it in the morning was a good thing today because I never expected myself to be that mind f-ed by the time credits rolled bJy. Then again, leave it to Christopher Nolan to once again create another epic movie that is different from the rest of the movies out this summer and yet continue to amaze with the various concepts of dreams, mind, extraction, and most of all inception. These concepts when being demonstrated feel like reality of sorts on how they spin it even though it may seem like a dream, where also impossibility can become a possibility. Even though I was still mind f-ed by the end of the movie, everything that the crew goes through led by Mr. Cobb (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) makes complete sense when the epic job was taking place. I also want to acknowledge the superb acting by the cast throughout the movie as I felt no one felt obsolete from Cobb's sidekick, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ellen Page (of Juno fame), Ken Wanntabe, and more. They really brought it making the movie seem believable despite all the craziness going on with their performances. I also wonder how philosophers, with me being a philosophy major, would think of the movie especially my classmates as perhaps another viewing or discussion can be considered. In the meantime, Inception is pretty much my favorite movie of the year so far as well as one of the best movies I have seen in years (probably since The Dark Knight, another Nolan masterpiece). Go out there and watch it if u haven't yet.

And yes, sometimes we have to dream a little bigger...

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