Friday, July 16, 2010

Music Roundup for 7/16/10 aka The Teflon Don Edition

This time on the music roundup features the one and only Rick Ross as his new album, Teflon Don, has been on repeat the past couple of days. I must say, this album has surprised me beyond my expectations turning to be one of the more impressive hip-hop albums of the year. Then again, there is actually some hype regarding this album since Rozay is on the up and up with the mixtapes, EPs, and other stuff. This 50 minute album is simply good stuff throughout with cameos on all the tracks from Jay-Z, Drake (no rapping by Drizzy though, which may be a bummer for Drake fans), Kanye West, T.I. and more. Other than Rozay doing his rap thing, the production of most tracks are the more impressive thing for me from "I'm Not A Star," "Aston Martin Music," and the first single "Super High" featuring Ne-Yo. As far as how hip-hop the album is, I think it is pretty diverse spreading across different forms since you will have some "gangsta" song, chill driving tunes like "Aston Martin Music" and "Super High," and others just based by the production alone. All in all, I enjoyed blasting this album and say you want to say about Rozay with what he has been through before this album comes out next week, but he has become of one of hip-hop's better mainstream artists with a lot of momentum on his shoulder now. Anyone that enjoys any form of hip-hop will like this album, so it is worth a listen or two.

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