Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The MvC3 Roster Gets Six More...

With this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con becoming crazier and crazier trying to fit as much comics, movies, television, and games, as possible, the reveals can reach megaton-quality at this rate. Gaming has come a long way at Comic-Con since I first went there in 2005 until my last trip in 2008 when I played vanilla Street Fighter IV for the first time. Its crazy gaming has become a staple of Comic-Con now perhaps having more space in the convention than ever before that I seen. Anyway, one of the gaming showstoppers at the convention is of course Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. We last saw this game at Evo 2010 when Capcom revealed level three supers for the first time, but we knew they were saving up for another big reveal at Comic-Con and that's what they did. Four new characters get added into the roster in the trailer above as Dr. Doom, Super Skrull, Chun-Li, and Trish get the MvC3 treatment. Doom has some of his MvC2 tricks back, but who knows how valuable his rocks assist will be this around than last time, but at least his Photon Arrow super is still intact. Chun-Li also boasts similar tricks from the last versus game she was in, but it makes me wonder if her super air kick will make it as a level 3 (makes sense to me). Super Skrull and Trish make their fighting game debuts and so far they look pretty good. Trish from Devil May Cry pretty much will play like Dante, but different enough she has her own bag of tricks. Marvel 3 is still a long way off, but these reveals are making the wait even more worthy.

UPDATE - decided to provide some MvC3 leakage tonight with reveals of Amaterasu and Thor as if the previous four weren't enough. We all know Thor from Marvel and good thing he's in with a movie out next year (first trailer this weekend at Comic-Con likely), but Amaterasu from Okami may seem like an odd choice considering you're playing as a wolf. At least Capcom is still going crazy adding non-fighting game characters into the game, which is also a good thing. No video has surfaced of the two in action yet since I don't think they're in the Comic-Con build, but its looks like they will playable the next time the game gets shown (TGS likely).

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