Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Next Week, Everything Changes...

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty finally launches on PC next week and the long wait is almost over after the endless beta sessions. The launch trailer is above and obviously, it does not represent what the game is a RTS, but in Blizzard tradition, it delivers once again as another amazing cinematic trailer for the world to see. If only I had a computer that can run it decently, then I could get into it like most people that are capable PCs or Macs would. Everything in the gaming landscape will change next week with Starcraft II's launch and could be as big as any other Blizzard launch in recent times especially with World of Warcraft still going strong as Catcalysm approaches release. How many of my friends' lives that eagerly await this game will change next week? I will say the majority of them.

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