Saturday, July 24, 2010

Street Fighter/Tekken Crossovers Now Official... Oh Boy!!!

Capcom just finished up a Street Fighter panel at this weekend's Comic-Con in San Diego where they dropped a true bombshell. This has been teased since Evo 2010 a couple weeks back seeing Ono-san and Harada-san together thinking of the possibility, but its now real. Yes folks, Street Fighter and Tekken are crossing over in two fighting games! There will be one made by Capcom (likely the one shown above) more Street Fighter-like and one by Namco in the vein of Tekken. The footage sees Ryu and Kazuya fighting each other showing off their signature moves, but it turns out it is a tag-like versus game as Chun-Li comes in and Nina Williams later on. It is still early stuff and a long ways off, but this announcement is already crazy and who knows how Namco/Capcom can pull this off correctly as it can be freakin amazing or a total flop. Besides the Tekken/SF announcements, Capcom also decided the return of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike in downloadable form and online, but also ways off from release (sometime later in 2011 likely). I'm also excited to see 3rd Strike again as it is still a beloved game in the franchise by many, but we'll see if any significant changes will be made like balance and such. In the meantime, the dream crossover is now happening and boy I can't wait!

For now, 3rd Strike Theme time!!!

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