Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Quick Music Roundup for 8/4/10

This time on the music roundup features two albums from a new artist on the rise and one that needs no introduction.

First off is Mike Posner and his debut mainstream album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff. He has made a big splash to the radio waves with "Cooler Than Me," more preferably the single mix than the normal song that is all chill. His album is not that long, but provides lots of chill vibes throughout with songs like the one above, "Please Don't Go," and more. If you're looking for an album to blast on a drive across the summer beaches, this one is worth blasting.

As the one who needs no introduction, Lady Gaga has a remix album out now and its a pretty much a collection of remixes of her famous songs. Most of them are old like the Richard Vission remix of "Just Dance," so chances are you heard them before at the clubs at one point. With the ten on the album, some are hit and miss, but there are indeed standouts out there that I enjoy. I expected it to very house-y and got exactly that since I am still in this house music phase because that seems to be the trend these days with mainstream artists going more on this direction. Since Gaga is apparently releasing any more videos off The Fame Monster and touring like crazy around the states, this is the next best thing we all can get out of her until her real second album comes out and blows everyone away. If only I could watch the Monster Ball in person out of curiosity, but that is not going to happen.

That's it for now... be prepared for a quick music video roundup post tomorrow since Kanye's "Power" video will be out as well as Enimem's new one for that one song with Rihanna I have hearing a lot on the radio waves. Hopefully Drake's "Fancy" video comes out soon too since that has been the song of my Vegas trip last weekend, which was pretty fun.

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