Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clips from TGS 2010 (Part 2)

So the conferences were last night our time for both Microsoft and Sony as they announced a lot of games for the upcoming year...

I might as well start off with the showstopper that is Gran Turismo 5, which is less than 2 months away from release. As NeoGAF claims, this game has "more features than God," and yeah, I have to agree with that statement because GT5 is indeed a nutty package. Even though its just more replay footage above, these trailers are put together nicely from the music and the various cuts. In addition, that inside view rain shot is just amazing. The weather effects are just flat out incredible in this game with the rain and snow. Its almost here and now I'm pretty excited for a Gran Turismo game for once.

My most wanted game, Child of Eden, also has a huge showing at TGS with some new stuff. Here Miz himself playing the latest build as I can't wait even though I'm still wandering how this will play with Move controls as the game is still being shown with Kinect controls.

Also somewhat flying under the radar for me this fall is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which is actually out next month. This long trailer shows off more of the story in the game and what I mean by long is in the Konami/Kojima tradition with all these cutscenes. This return to a 3D action game instead of the traditional 2D Metroidvania style will be interesting to see how it turns out especially with Kojima Productions at the helm. Can they make Castlevania work in 3D that previous games last generation have pretty much failed? We'll see on October 5th.

Announced during the Microsoft TGS Keynote last night is the return of Radiant Silvergun, another Treasure classic, for a XBLA release next year. I would insert another "this is game is crazy expensive on E-Bay" joke, but I won't. Expect the same features as past Treasure releases on XBLA like Ikaruga with leaderboards, local/online co-op, and downloadable replays.

As if Japan is not sick of the Yakuza games yet, Sega announces another new entry to the series, which they are at five now. However, this an't your ordinary Yakuza game as Yakuza of the End stars our protagonists of the previous games against zombies and monsters invading Japan. This is all crazy stuff and way for Sega to mess up the Yakuza fiction more with putting out creatures to kill as if its some Earth Defense Force game. With Yakuza 4 out next year at the States, except this new one to come out around that same time at Japan in the traditional pattern. This reminds me, I need to get around to playing these games even though I play the demos when they were out.

I was shocked as many were when Capcom announced the return of Steel Batallalion to the 360 with Kinect controls at the Microsoft TGS Keynote. This new game, Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor, is also developed by From Software (makers of many games involving robots) wipes away that crazy mech-like controller of the Xbox game for body controls by Kinect, which is pretty nuts going from near hundreds of buttons to none. I'm curious to see how Capcom and From Software pull this off when this game is out next year only on 360.

More later...

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