Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Team ICO Finally Showing Stuff Again...

Team ICO has been quiet this year till this week's TGS as far as revealing anything new with The Last Guardian and now a new trailer has surfaced. We still know next to nothing about the game and its still ways off with a holiday release next year. Despite that, its easy to excited for this now that the project is still going and blowing people's minds. Other than The Last Guardian, they officially announced the Team ICO Collection of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for release next year with 3D support. The two classics are reborn again HD-up and another chance for them to shine because for one, I missed them when they came out on PS2, and gives others that missed out to experience two special games that are unlike anything else out now even today. The Team ICO Collection will be out next year only on PS3 and with that plus The Last Guardian at their disposal next year, the team has a busy time ahead for them and I know they will deliver on the expectations.

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