Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MvC3 TGS 2010 Video Blowout

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds has a new build at TGS showing off the roster so far as well as two new additions (more like one). We already know Tron Bonne is in from the last cinematic trailer, but gameplay has surfaced of her in action as she retains her MvC2 movelist for the most part with her supers intact as well as one more super new to the game. As a Tron user in MvC2, I'm happy she is pretty much the same and perhaps even better in MvC3 with more combos that link to her supers, but if her projectile assist is gone that made her one of the better characters in that game, then who knows if I'll still use her for MvC3. The new character announced for TGS is a surprising one as X-23 enters the fray. The first lady announced for the Marvel side is not a Wolverine clone as people feared, but she has her own crazy movelist and quite useful at best. She can be one of those quick characters that hard, so her speed may be used to her advantage. So far, X-23 seems like she will be a worthy addition to the roster with still others yet to be revealed in the coming months, so enjoy the gameplay footage of the new characters in action (Some Level 3 supers for the existing characters are also shown in the trailer above).

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