Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clips from TGS 2010... (Well, Before the Show)

The Tokyo Game Show should be going on today and the weekend and it seems like Japanese developers are bringing it in terms of announcing new games (The new DmC and Ninja Gaiden III have their spotlighted posts earlier).

First up is Shadows of the Damned, published by EA and developed Grasshopper. Suda 51 of No Heroes fame is behind this new game along with other notable names in the Japanese game world. It seems like a third-person shooter Resident Evil style against demons with its own visual style. This game is out next year for the PS3 and 360.

Next up is Catherine, which is by Atlus, who does the Persona games. Atlus finally has a Persona-like game on the PS3 and 360 as it has its own craziness that the mind can't consume at first. Plus, this trailer has no subtitles, so good luck trying to figure out what is going on.

Capcom, along with DmC, announced another new game and IP, called Asura's Wrath. This one is developed by Cyberconnect2 (.Hack series back on the PS2) and its another crazy action game with quicktime events done on Unreal Engine 3. The trailer alone is pretty nuts, which is enough to get people excited and who knows when this one comes out on PS3/360.

Dead Rising 2 is out at the end of the month and Case: Zero has been an amazing success for Capcom, so why not put out another downloadable episode called Case: West. This is actually an epilogue of the game (who knows why Capcom announced this already) featuring Chuck Greene and the first game's protagonist, Frank West, making a return to the fray. This is also currently a 360 exclusive like Case: Zero, so PS3 owners are again getting the shaft which makes wonder why Dead Rising 2 is even coming to PS3 if Microsoft continues to wheel and deal their way towards getting exclusive rights.

Continuing on the downloadable front is a teaser for a new Pikeljunk game with Playstation Move support. Its called Pikeljunk Lifelike and at first glance it seems like it will be a Move-only rhythm game, but who knows as it could be totally something else. Considering their track record with great music on their games, a rhythm game by Q Games is not that bad of an idea. It seems early as I don't expect to see this weird PSN game till next year.

Also out at the end of the month (for PC) is Final Fantasy XIV. This new MMO FF game has been in the beta phase for a bit already, and I'm not sure what is the consensus is so far with it since it has been flying under the radar with everything else that is out now. Then again, its probably me not paying attention to what is going on because its a MMO and I'm not into those type of games. However, here's a new and long CG cutscene in FF tradition with the game also coming to the PS3 next year.

That's it from TGS for now. Probably more on the show later on especially Sony showing off The Last Guardian again (Finally!) and yes, the Team Ico Collection of Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, which is slated for release next year only on PS3.

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