Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mega Man Universe Gameplay Trailers = Huh??

Gameplay footage of Mega Man Universe finally showed up on the interwebs and answers some questions like what in the world is this game gonna be. So far, it looks like a HD Remix of the franchise, but retaining some of the 8-bit flavor. It still plays like the 8-bit games, but the mix of old and new art can be weird especially at the current generation of games we are at now. This reminds of the Capcom vs. SNK games where there is a mix of old and new sprites into one game as it kind of messes up the core style of the graphics. It might be the case here with Mega Man Universe seeing various versions of Mega Man (even the bad box art version of the first game) and teasing playable Ryu. All in all, it looks like a Mega Man game in HD and that's fine by me so far.

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