Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A fitting end to MvC2 High Stakes Money Matches...

Last Sunday at West Coast Warzone 3 was history being made as arguably the last high stakes money match in Marvel vs. Capcom 2's existence happened between Neo vs. Clockwork for 15,000 dollars. Being there in person to experience the HYPE was unlike anything I have witnessed in the world of fighting games. The environment was just insane with one side cheering for Clockwork and another side cheering for Neo. Even though Clockwork was considered the crowd favorite because of being the originator of Strider/Dr. Doom/Sentinel (called team Clockwork for a reason) and Neo has been playing a solid Santhrax (Storm/Sentinel/Captain Commando) being undefeated in high stakes money matches. Sometimes, the underdog is what you want to cheer for, but for me, you gotta go where is the money is at, which is for Neo (safe pick) specifically if you're side betting in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. While most of SoCal was behind Clock, even top players of MvC2 and SSF4 knew where the money is at, and it was up on Neo's side. Hanging out with the likes of Marn, Filipino Champ, Crizzle, Dark Prince, Noel Brown, and Flash Metroid was fun stuff as Facebook references are on Marvel slang now. There were moments that some drunk and crazy girl that was cheering for Clockwork losing her voice like no other would take her drunkenness overboard and then Ricky Ortiz would slap her. Anyway, enjoy the first to 15 match between two amazing Marvel players and witness the HYPE why this game is still the business for 10 years because Marvel 3 won't be the same regarding HYPE.

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