Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Square-Enix Going Big for 2011 at Japan... (Trailers for FFXIII-2 & Versus XIII)

It was rumored for a week, but now its official. Final Fantasy XIII-2 exists and its coming out in Japan by the end of the year (stateside next year). This means a return for Lightning as it seems like she's more of a knight. Nothing else besides that was revealed during the clip other than part of the XIII ending (spoilers, but good thing they didn't reveal the real spoilery part of it). This is the second direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game and plus X-2 was good, but not amazing. We'll see if XIII-2 fixed the problems XIII had as both PS3/360 versions are planned for release.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, on the other hand, is still amazing and this new trailer reveals a lot of more than Squenix has in the past. If you thought the CG cutscenes were amazing in XIII, think again because Versus is already blowing it away with the visuals. Plus, believe in Nomura (the man behind the Kingdom Hearts franchise) to deliver the goods again even though it has been development for a while. Even the trailer style is straight up Kingdom Hearts with the random quotes. There's even gameplay in this clip which seems Kingdom Hearts-y but in the next generation. If you want Kingdom Hearts 3, you'll have to wait longer as this fills the void for that and maybe provide the template for KH3 to happen since the gameplay is somewhat similar. Versus XIII should be out next year for the PS3 as still no 360 version is announced (likely at this year's E3).

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