Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get HYPE for Rocket Punches, Drones, & Re-Flys Again... Sentinel + Hsien-ko MvC3 vids

Its no surprise by now, but Sentinel and Hisen-ko (of Darkstalkers & Puzzle Fighter fame) are now characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Sentinel is expected since he is one of the best characters in MvC2 as he makes the transition well here. It remains to be seen how good still he is, but pretty much of most of what made him such the beast he was can be applied to MvC3 somehow even if a little slower this time around. Hisen-ko is an odd one if u know her from Darkstalkers, but as someone who hasn't appeared in a new fighting game for quite some time, I don't mind the addition since now they're at 3 Darkstalkers characters for MvC3. The full roster is pretty much set besides DLC and we're only two weeks away, so the HYPE is getting closer to reality.

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