Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quickie Hands-On with the Bulletstorm Demo...

A demo for EA and Epic Games' Bulletstorm came out today on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network as of course I gotta get my hands on another anticipated first quarter game. From what I seen of Bulletstorm so far before this demo came out, it seemed like one of those first person shooters that just do not care what it is, which is actually a good thing. It brings the days when shooters don't give a you know what and focuses on the killing rather than trying to provide an epic war-like story. This game screams style over substance and that's what Bulletstorm is all about as they describe it as shooting with skill. The demo is a quickie though as it is an one level run of a Echoes level, pretty much a time attack mode of sorts to rack up the highest score possible doing it a fast enough time too. Out of the gate, this game, as many have claimed, feels like a first person shooter version of MadWorld (that Sega/Platinum Games violent sleeper on the Wii) and that itself is pretty good to stand on. Your imagination is the limit of how to kill when given the environment you're in. In this demo, there are spikes everywhere, bottomless pits near the end, and spots to electrify enemies for more points. Getting kills in a variety of ways racks up your high score as doing bullet kicks (even though cool and causes slowmo) numerous times will become less. Your weapon set will become more crazy in the final game which causes for more high score opportunities, but your leash, a grapple beam of sorts, is the main tool to get the party started basically. The Echoes mode has potential for addiction going for high scores beating your friends and top players on leaderboards like even Pac-Man Championship Edition DX to a certain extent when the final game comes out. Bulletstorm can bring back the classic fun first person shooters have been missing out on, which is killing in a stylish manner and you don't need some epic storyline to back things up. Plus, the non-serious bro-heavy tone is good for what it is in this game even though I can see it can turn people off because they rather prefer a character-driven shooter like the most of the ones out now. Bulletstorm is one of those games that don't care what it is and doesn't take itself seriously and maybe that's what I need again in the industry today. Sure, you still need those epic Halo or Call or Duty like experiences, but Bulletstorm to me feels like a straight up game, and hopefully people can recognize that when it comes out next month on 360, PS3, and the PC.

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