Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some New Portal 2 & Child of Eden Footage...

This seems to be the opening for Portal 2 along with some other footage as well from PAX East. I haven't been paying attention to this game that much as I should, but its out next month and looks like Valve retained the charm and mystery the first game was known for being the cult hit it was.

Giant Bomb had a new quick look for my most wanted game Child of Eden, which is now coming out June 14 for the 360/Kinect. Its still my only reason to get a Kinect and so far it looks as amazing as I expected it to be. Ubisoft and Q! Entertainment are still quiet about the PS3 version, which I think is coming out a little later after the 360 version (timed exclusivity makes sense especially with it being a big Kinect game). The Kinect controls seem to work now with the latest builds of the game as I like how both hands are used for different shot styles. Anyway, if you're wandering why I'm still excited for Child of Eden, just watch the video above or check out my Rez HD review.

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