Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jill & Shuma Day 1/2 Combo Videos...

I have been messing around with Jill & Shuma-Gorath (this week's DLC characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3) and here's some combo videos featuring the two of them showcasing what they're capable of. I like both characters for fun as they have potential to do damage, but me playing them at tourney level needs more work. I'm trying to make it happen with Sentinel as the obvious anchor and of course drones assist works well as a way for both to get in. Jill's low health is indeed a problem as she is pretty much dead in two combos, but once she's in there, the mixups and sheninegans take shape especially with her Feral stance (telport crossups for example). I also love her overhead which can lead to her air knees (similar to Cammy's Cannon Strike dive kick somewhat) as a startup to another combo. Jill's level 3 is useless for me at the moment as I need to find something other than randomly going nuts without thinking at all. Shuma can air dash, but not tri dash so his Mystic Smash is pretty key to getting in (well for me). He can also OTG super with his Hyper Mystic Ray for some damage, but not much. Of course, there's his level 3 Chaos Dimension setups to have fun with as well, but Shuma is a fun character that can both zone (not as well) and deal damage once in range. Would I main these characters right now? Sure, I probably would since they're fresh as all of us figure out the matchups as the days and weeks go on. I'm still sticking with BnB material for the both of them until I know I can tack on the crazy technology in actual matches. For now, everyone that has Marvel 3 should give them a shot (both are 5 bucks each unless you got the Collector's Edition code) and see if they fit your playstyle and team synergy.

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