Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today in the World of Shooters for 3/16/11

While most shooter fans are realizing how overhyped and disappointing Homefront is this week, here's another glimpse to the future for the genre.

Prey 2 was just announced several days ago and now we have an interesting live-action teaser for a game that's coming next year. As someone who played the first game on the 360, I didn't see any resemblance to it in this teaser regarding characters besides the glowing blue thingy. Some say Human Head is "dude-broing" the franchise, which is bad considering how much of a cliche that is for shooters these days, but we'll see how this shapes out since little to nothing has been revealed even after watching this teaser.

The next part in a series of Battlefield 3 videos came out this morning as the squad marches down to take down a sniper in a methodical approach. This is definitely a more realistic method and all of a sudden you use a rocket launcher to destroy the building the sniper, which is definitely video game logic to me. Anyway, this is still one, or perhaps the best looking shooter fans are looking forward to, as the series continues at the end of this month.

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