Monday, April 11, 2011

SSF4 Arcade Edition News from Captivate...

The Captivate embargo is expected to be up at 8 am PST tomorrow, but things are slowly popping up on the interwebs. The Arcade Edition DLC leakage continues with this pic of someone downloading it on Xbox Live (assuming its the Partner.NET service), which contains the download size being around 674 MB. That's a lot if your small 360 Hard Drive is filling up, but for an update that substantial with loads of new content, it makes sense adding in the new characters, intros/endings, balance changes, and so on. The download size should be around the same for PS3 owners and wait till tomorrow morning if Capcom announces pricing for this thing, which I'm expecting in the 10-20 dollar range. 20 dollars is probably pushing it, but for a big update, I can see Capcom doing that. 10 dollars may seem like a bargain and hopefully the right price. 15 bucks though seems to be the sweet spot since its pretty much a new game at this point even though its SSF4 at its core. We'll find out tomorrow morning I guess.


Enough blabbing, here we go:

DLC out on June 7 (1200 MS Points/15 bucks on PSN = called it!) - Also, its out on E3 week... plus Revelations/CEO that weekend. CEO confirms they'll use AE, but no word from the Level Up/Tournament Legacy crew whether or not they'll use AE (They better now if Evo is doing it and even CEO)
Retail version out on June 28 (smart of Capcom to have that option)
PC version out on July (yay for PC fans... also mods!!!)
Evo just confirmed they'll use AE... yay!

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