Monday, April 11, 2011

What I Wanna See for Def Jam Rapstar 2

There hasn't been any DLC released for Def Jam Rapstar for almost two months now and I have a feeling Konami/4mm Games is working on the sequel assuming it did well enough sales-wise (I sure hope so). Anyway, if Def Jam Rapstar 2 exists, I'm expecting a better game filled with content since the original established a pretty good foundation of what karaoke games should go with from now on. Here's a bullet point features list of what I want to see (soundtrack after this)
  • Better career mode... perhaps artist-specific, theme-specific (Young Money, West Coast for ex.) or decade-specific setlists rather than the standard beat a few songs and move on to a harder list. The challenges are fine like the timing and multiplier ones, so keep them. Come to think of it, take a Rock Band-ish approach as you travel the country to become the #1 Rapstar as you visit various cities and their style of hip-hop/rap (Examples being Kanye in Chicago, Snoop at LA, T.I. & Ludacris at Atlanta, etc.). The more stars you collect allows access to more cities... kind of unoriginal, but it makes sense for a game like this.
  • Will we see a M-rated version? I don't think so. The radio edits are fine enough and we can keep curse our way through them just to have fun when the blank words come out.
  • Actual online battles - There wasn't any actual online play in terms of head to head competition, but they better add that in. Perhaps even spice in the career-based challenges for more multiplayer modes. All of a sudden they'll force in online MP achievements/trophies, which usually sucks.
  • The community portion - I like the whole share/upload business of our performances to the Rapstar website and they should continue that, but let's see if they add Twitter/Facebook integration since that seems to be the new gaming trend now. Plus, it makes sense for a karaoke game so more people like your FB friends/Twitter followers can watch your sheninegans in the rap field. Of course YouTube integration would be nice too, but that would be pushing it. Then again, all of this still requires a camera in which I don't have a Playstation Eye, but that can change once I get a Move bundle if my most wanted game of the year Child of Eden supports it and perhaps even 3D too.
Okay, that's just the basics of what I want to see for a Rapstar sequel. There's probably more I can think of, but not at the moment. Anyway, the bigger picture for the sequel is the soundtrack. They better let you import the original Rapstar on-disc songs and the DLC for at least a minimal fee (free surely would be nice, but I can't see them doing that). The original's soundtrack had the obvious hits, but there can some that were missing as let'see if Rapstar 2 capitalizes on that. 50/60 on-disc songs for the sequel should be a good number. (Note - some from my Rapstar DLC wishlist will return)

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