Friday, June 20, 2008

ABDC Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Season 2 of America's Best Dance Crew premiered last night on MTV and it started with a bang with some crews bringing the heat while others not showing at all, who don't deserve to be in the top 10. Let's go through the show in the order of performances... (Photos from

So Real Crew started it off and they delivered pretty well. Lil Mama does compare them to Season 1's Kaba Modern (Irvine!!!) while Shane Sparks is already claiming them to be top 2 if they keep being consistent like last night. I happen to agree with Shane with that statement because I have So Real on my top 3 now.

Supreme Soul (My #2 pick before this episode) were next and the performance was a bit disappointing considering how good they were on the live auditions. The judges slammed them for not using the whole stage and other parts needed to be cleaned up. They can do way better than this one, so I expect them to come back strong next week.

Xtreme Dance Force flat out sucked in their performance as Shane blasts them hard and they deserve it because it was truly wack. As Shoryuken calls them "Xtreme Douche Force," I expect them to be bottom 2 next week unless their looks are good enough to keep them around.

A.S.I.I.D. came out and delivered a great performance (the night's second one that was good). As with the judges, the walk the dog move was pretty crazy and they can be top 3 if they keep being consistent. They were in my top 5 last week, but they really impressed me this week.

Boogie Bots were next (in my top 5 last week) and delivered a solid performance. The judges did mention that they can be better with their potential as a top contender. I do like these boys to go far into the competition, but I don't know after this week. That was the top 5 according to America's voting and I don't know why Xtreme Dance Force was on that top 5 (I guess the girls love their boy band-ish looks) while SuperCrew being in the bottom 5 was a WTH on America's part.

Speaking of SuperCrew, they delivered the night's best performance being ninjas. This tower sequence was pretty sick while their b-boy moves are still awesome. They lit up the crowd pretty well and I expect them to not be in the bottom next week after that. They're still my #1 pick after this and I love Shane's quote "Y'all just S*** on everybody." (Its true!!!)

Phresh Select surprisingly impressed me the most in this episode delivering a solid routine. Maybe it was the old-school flavor that attracted the judges and that ending flip move was pretty good. Lil Mama started to notice that some of these bottom 5 teams should not be in the bottom.

Sass x7, who didn't deserve to be in the top 10, were up next and their performance is another reason why they shouldn't be there. They're trying to separate themselves from their cheerleader image, but they didn't. I guess the votes were enough this week because of their image, but I expect them to be bottom 2 next week and hopefully be out. That leaves Fanny Pak and Distorted X as the bottom 2, which sucked because both of them are pretty good.

Fanny Pak went first and showed why they should be top 5. I love their originality and style being unique, which I mentioned why they were picked over Team Millenia. The judges agreed with me with their unique style and I guess America's votes didn't like the 80s vibe they bring, but they're serious and they should stick around for a while (LA!!!)

Distorted X went up and delivered a solid performance. Like the judges, them and Fanny Pak should be not bottom 2 and America is crazy for the looks > skill style of voting for some crews. Instead, Distorted X got the boot while the judges kept Fanny Pak, which is a good choice out of the two and clearly Distorted X are disappointed they're out already (more like pissed). The judges are a little pissed as well with the voting this week, but it is still America voting and they better vote right next week. Here's my current standings below.
  1. SuperCrew
  2. So Real Crew
  3. A.S.I.I.D.
  4. Fanny Pak
  5. Phresh Select
  6. Supreme Soul
  7. Boogie Bots
  8. Sass x7
  9. Xtreme Dance Force
With Distorted X's elimination, Sass x7 and Xtreme Dance Force should be in the bottom two next week if America gets it right. Next week is the music video challenge (The first two weeks of Season 1 started the same way) and I'm a little worried of some crews not delivering on this challenge while others will shine next week. We'll see what happens. (Vote for SuperCrew!!!!)

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