Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Trailers to End the Day courtesy of GameTrailers TV

The full episode is not yet up on the interwebs (I'll check it out in the morning), but the trailers are out from this weekend's episode of GameTrailers TV. One of them is the new clip for UFC 2009 Undisputed, which is in the previous blog post about the weekend for UFC.

First up is the debut trailer for the Lord of the Rings Conquest, developed by Pandemic (Star Wars Battlefront games) and published by EA. Being a Battlefront game with the LOTR skin, I'm curious about how this one turns out and hopefully be worth it. The last significant LOTR game is the MMORPG LOTR Online and its expansion packs, so at least whoever is handling the LOTR universe is doing a good job of spacing the games out. Hopefully it is another multiplayer game that is fun and interesting to separate themselves from the pack.

Next up is a short teaser for Call of Duty: World at War. The newest COD game is developed by Treyarch (COD3) instead of Infinity Ward (COD4: Modern Warfare) and everyone is already putting this one down because it is indeed a return to World War II except on the Pacific setting, a first for the franchise I think. With co-op for the first time and some more time with the project, maybe Treyarch can shut the haters up this fall.

Lastly, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the CGI flick out on August 15) is coming to the Wii with the sole focus on lightsaber combat via the Wiimote and Nunchuk. This is the lightsaber game LucasArts has promised ever since they first announced their plans for the Wii as if Force Unleashed is enough. With likely a direct relation to the movie with every major fight, expect this one to be a straight-forward action game based on a license, but maybe the lightsaber stuff might be good enough to wow Star Wars fans and Wii fans as well.

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